Nursing: One of God’s Thin Places

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Nursing: One of God’s Thin Places

Presented by William Duffy, ,MJ,RN,CNOR at AORN Conference and EXPO 2018
Attended and reviewed by Alyce Brekke, BAN, RN, CNOR

Nursing is viewed by the public as one of the most trusted professions. As we move from “Obamacare,” our future in healthcare is uncertain, both financially and with productivity. It is time to pause and look at the signs regarding our role in the world.

The Irish believe a thin place is where the distance between heaven and earth narrows and the veil is lifted and we get to experience heaven on earth. Thin places can be physical places or moments in time when we feel God’s presence and we are moved by his spirit. To the Irish, heaven is God’s presence and hell is the absence of God and love. Thin places are the ports in the storms of life.

Bill gave the example of a patient who was a young girl and her nurse was very attentive to keep her water close by so she could reach it at all times as she was immobilized. Another example was a 13 year old girl who really did not want to use the bedpan, but the doctor had her on bed rest, so the nurse physically carried her to the bathroom each time. Both patients remembered these kindnesses. So no matter how small they seemed to the nurses doing the tasks, their actions had an impact. One never knows how a little thing we do for another may be a turning point in their life. Later both patients chose nursing as their profession.

Bill also gave two examples from his daughter’s wedding. It was to be an outdoor ceremony at their local golf club. It had rained all morning and at noon the management asked him if they should set up inside for the ceremony. Bill went outside to look at the weather. He said some dads would have gone to the bar and had a cocktail. He walked outside and saw a double rainbow. The outdoor wedding went off as planned. He also shared a picture of their kiss at the end of the ceremony. The bride’s veil is lifted upwards in a beautiful arch yet the flag on the pole in the background hangs perfectly still. It was just moments when he felt God’s presence.

His closing statements were: “Don’t lose faith. It is our calling to stay true to the beauty of caring. It is the way through. Look for opportunities to lift the veil. Liberate your heart and celebrate the value you bring. Continue to pass this gift on to the next generation.”

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