Membership Dues

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Each year when you renew your membership with National AORN and choose our chapter (#2401), we receive a portion to maintain our chapter functions. If you renew for one year, we receive $20 for that year. If you renew with a two or three year membership, we receive $40 or $60 respectively at the time of renewal. Therefore, our chapter funds may fluctuate greatly from year to year dependent on types of renewals and time of renewals.

For lifetime members, $20 is deposited with their initial payment. After that, no money is collected for the local chapter, but the member will continue to be a chapter member for life!
For retired and student members, no local chapter money is collected, but they remain a member of the chapter without payment.

National reports that Chapters can chose to charge those members dues if they would like.

The Board has discussed this for the past few years. We have decided to send out letters rather than invoices to our lifetime and retired members. We recognize your dedication to our profession by your commitment to become a lifetime member or stay active as a retired member but we ask that you consider a donation of $20 annually to help support our chapter and mentor our young membership. As you know we provide education monthly and need to pay speakers and that we also provide assistance to attend Expo.

It takes 55 paying members to support one delegate each year. Supporting fundraising events also helps our chapter. The letters will be coming out in the next few weeks. If you chose to donate now (or later), please send a check made out to AORN #2401 to our current treasurer, Marilyn Westphal, 3157 Doneene Lane, Eagan MN 55121.

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